ABANA-Arabia Monitor MENA Markets Call


December 1, 2021
9:00am - 10:30am

Join us for the December edition of  the ABANA-Arabia Monitor MENA Markets Call

9:00 am (New York, GMT-04:00)
2:00 pm (London, GMT+01:00)
5:00 pm (Abu Dhabi, GMT+04:00)
4:00 pm  (Amman, GMT+03:00)

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As the media frenzy around COP26 fizzled out, it was apt timing that a number of GCC countries announced net-zero pledges. Meanwhile, the largest MENA economies’ growth levels were mainly driven by the non-oil private sector, according to the latest data releases. Join us on Wednesday, as we look at these figures and check in on the region’s energy markets. We will look specifically at exporters Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Libya.

Although the MENA region is often characterized by political friction, opportunities for reconciliation currently abound. We take a look at the latest diplomatic efforts in the region in Iran and Syria. As always, we will close the call with an update on the latest Sino-MENA developments.

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The ABANA-Arabia Monitor Monthly Conference Call Series is led by Arabia Monitor’s CEO and Chief Economist Dr. Florence Eid-Oakden, a respected authority on the economy and geopolitics of the MENA region. Dr. Eid-Oakden is joined by a team of analysts to provide insights into emerging issues in and affecting the region. 

*Please note that the title and content of the call are subject to change to reflect and include the most recent events affecting the region.

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