Member FAQs

Please refer below for answers to frequently asked questions regarding membership, events and use of the ABANA website. If your questions aren’t covered here, contact the ABANA office at info @ or 212 599 3030.


Q. Do I need to be an Arab, a banker or be based in North America to join ABANA?

Q. How can I become a member of ABANA?

Q. What are the fees for institutional membership?

Q. How many people at my company benefit from my company’s Institutional Membership?

Q. I manage my company’s Institutional Membership in ABANA. How do I make changes to my company’s members, profile or other corporate information?

Q. What are the fees for individual membership?

Q. My company is an Institutional Member of ABANA. Does that make me an “Institutional Member?”

Q. My company is an Institutional Member of ABANA and I am based outside of the New York Tristate area. Do I get two discounts?

Q. I am not able to attend events in New York. How does this affect membership in ABANA?

Q. Do you offer any assistance to members who are between jobs?

Q. I am a former member of ABANA and want to rejoin. Do I have to reapply?

Q. I registered my payment information with ABANA but am not sure if I am signed up for auto-renewal. How can I find out?

Q. How do I change the credit card that is billed for my membership or cancel auto-renewal of my membership dues?

Q. Am I eligible for Student Membership in ABANA?

Q. Why do I have a BrainTree charge on my account?

Q. When does my membership end or renew?


Q. How do I change my profile or announce a professional change to other members?

Q. How much information do other members see about me in the ABANA Membership Directory?

Q. How do I find my login information?


Q. I am an ABANA member. Can a non-member attend a members-only event instead of or in addition to myself?

Q. I am an ABANA member. Can I attend all ABANA events?

Q. I am an ABANA member and I am having trouble registering for an event online.

Q. What’s the Registration Code?

Q. Do I have to register for an event or can I just show up?

Q. I am over 35. Can I attend a Young Professionals event like ABANA in the Boardroom?

Q. How do I get on the ABANA Mailing List for News and Event Invitations?