PwC Report: Central banking 2020- Ahead of the curve

ABANA is pleased to share with you PwC’s Insights study; Central banking 2020- Ahead of the curve, that explore the pressing questions facing central banks.

Central banks are scanning a new and uncertain landscape. Many commentators believe that the era of one policy objective – inflation targeting – and one tool – interest rates – is over. And their operational independence, which took such work to cement during the ‘Great Moderation’ that preceded the financial crisis, has been severely questioned by the nature of the crisis interventions. So where do central banks go from here?

There are many challenges that central banks face, however for now we pose two fundamental questions that central banks and their key stakeholders will need to address if they’re to successfully address the challenges through to 2020 and beyond.The answers will reshape central bank agendas and determine both the success of their policies and their relevance within societies and economies in transformation:

1. What is your role in the management of the economy, and what are the key measures of success?

2. How can you keep pace with the rapid transformation in societies, economies, communications and the systemic risks this generates?

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