Hari N. Hariharan Joins ABANA Summit @ Bloomberg L.P. Speaker Lineup

Hari N. Hariharan will speak at The ABANA Summit @ Bloomberg L.P., April 20, 2016. Hariharan is the Chairman and CEO of NWI Management LP (NWI), a global macro hedge fund group specializing in fixed income, currencies and rates with an emphasis on emerging markets. NWI currently manages around $4.3 billion in assets for private investment funds and accounts. NWI’s main fund, NWI Emerging Market Fixed Income Master Fund, was ranked #40 in Barron’s list of Best 100 Hedge Funds, based on three-year performance for the period ending December 31, 2013. The Summit will include timely conversations on the global financial markets, including outlooks for Emerging Markets, China and the G3 market. Full agenda to be announced here.