ABANA Credit & Risk Training Scholarship at Kennedy Moran Associates

The ABANA Credit & Risk Training Scholarship covers program attendance fees for an ABANA member or an individual referred by an ABANA member to attend Kennedy Moran Associates Credit & Risk Analysis Training Program. The Program includes modules in Financial Accounting, Corporate Finance, and Credit & Risk Analysis; and participants may elect to enroll in the entire program or any of the modules individually. Interested applicants should fill out this online application.


The Kennedy Moran Associates Credit & Risk Analysis Training Program
August 10 – September 18, 2015

Financial Accounting (August 10-21)
This module develops the concepts and logic underlying the reporting of financial information. Emphasis is placed on understanding basic accounting principles and procedures enabling participants to apply these concepts in analyzing financial reports. Subsequently, those topics of particular concern are covered in depth, including cash flow statements, inter-corporate investments, and consolidated financial statements, among others. The objective of the course is to develop a framework which will provide the tools necessary to interpret and analyze financial statements.

Corporate Finance (August 24-September 4)
This module focuses on the key components of financial markets including the analytical tools required to recognize and assess various risks; evaluate capital expenditure proposals; analyze working capital needs; and structure financial solutions utilizing the appropriate debt and equity products. This module will provide participants with the skills and understanding necessary to make financial decisions in a changing and challenging environment.

Financial & Risk Analysis (September 8-18)
This module focuses on providing the participants with the tools used to develop a detailed and persuasive evaluation of a corporation’s financial condition and trend. The first week, devoted to analysis of historical information, presents a framework with which to evaluate risk including business and industry analysis, ratio calculation and analysis, cash flow calculation and analysis, and seasonality. This is followed by the final week of lectures and case work focusing on expected performance, including work with financial projections and introducing such topics as financing alternatives, structuring, documentation, risk rating, sustainable growth, asset quality, corporate restructuring and valuation.

Financial Statement Analysis & Credit Risk Metrics Seminar (September 8-11)
This seminar focuses on the key concepts and techniques needed to identify, quantify and mitigate credit risk in a dynamic financial market. Using current market deals and transactions to provide a real time learning environment, participants are instructed on how to develop comprehensive analyses of corporations across different industries and geographies. Financial ratios, industry analysis, debt products and derivatives along with their role in the risk assessment and mitigation process are emphasized.

The Credit Risk Training Program and the Financial Statement & Credit Risk Metric Seminar will be conducted at:

The Downtown Conference Center
157 William Street
New York City

Please contact Bill Moran at billmoran @ or 631-513-9968 for direct enrollment. Additional information about these training programs can be found on the Kennedy Moran website. For more information on the ABANA scholarship, e-mail raqel @