ABANA Board Vice-Chair Joud Abdel Majeid, Op-ed on WSJ on “BlackRock Gives Investors a Say”

ABANA is joyous to share an exceptional and pensive op-ed by the Vice-Chair on the ABANA Board of Directors Joud Abdel Majeid.

BlackRock is an industry leader and pioneer in developing new opportunities to make proxy voting more manageable and accessible for eligible institutional clients. Under these rigorous changes, BlackRock’s VOTING Choice will enable more shareholder democracy, which makes for more vibrant and robust capital markets.

We are fortunate to have BlackRock’s leadership in this respect, but more importantly, Blackrock is lucky to have someone as talented as Joud to be the Global Head of Investment Stewardship.

“For BlackRock, it’s about financial value, not social or political values. On proxy voting, our clients’ financial interests are paramount.”

— Joud Abdel Majeid, Vice-Chair

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