ABANA Young Professionals: Career Resiliency Panel


August 13, 2020
11:00am - 12:00pm

Watch video coverage from our first Young Professionals | Career Resiliency Webinar.

The career path of young professionals is full of many challenges and obstacles on the pathway to success.  Advancement requires perseverance, reinvention, reskilling and retooling, often in the midst of business economic cycles or transformative innovations.  In addition, the pace of change in today’s marketplace requires agility and dexterity to adapt and perform.  Today’s young professionals face even more uncertainty during a pandemic along with rising social tensions which will likely change the landscape of professional opportunity and growth.

This panel discussion focuses on the skills and mindset necessary to build long term career resiliency.  In a graduation speech at Williams College in 2012, the writer, philosopher, thinker and surgeon Atul Gawande said, “The difference between triumph and defeat, you’ll find, isn’t about willingness to take risks.  It’s about mastery of rescue.”

Speakers for this webinar include: Chelsea Rodriguez, Learning & Development Partner, Instagram & Artificial Intelligence @ Facebook; Michael De Lucia, Executive Director, International and MS Career Management Career Management Center @ Columbia Business School; Jonathan R. Holmes, Managing Director & Regional Chair, Middle East & Africa @ Korn Ferry; Khalid Azim, Director of Strategic Partnerships and Curricular Networks @ Columbia Business School.