ABANA-Arabia Monitor MENA Markets Call


March 1, 2017
9:30am - 10:30am

ABANA invites you to participate in our monthly conference call in collaboration with Arabia Monitor.

9:30 am (New York, GMT-04:00), 2:30 pm (London, GMT+01:00), 5:30 pm (Abu Dhabi, Muscat, GMT+04:00), 4:30 pm  (Amman, GMT+03:00)

By RSVPing to this call you agree to provide your contact information to Arabia Monitor. Arabia Monitor may contact you directly following the call.

  • What are the key highlights of the cabinet reshuffle in Egypt and will it enhance FDI?
  • On 24 February, Moody’s changed the outlook on Morocco’s rating to positive from stable. What factors drove this decision and what are the downside risks?
  • How will the discovery of new oil and gas fields in Iran impact production, consumption and export levels?
  • Where are we seeing a growing Russian influence besides in Syria?
  • What are the Sultanate of Oman’s funding needs? How will the planned eurobond issuance help?
  • Saudi Arabia is facing its first deflation in over a decade. What is the impact of this and what factors could create an upward pressure on prices?
  • What is the benefit for Iran, Egypt and the UAE of their inclusion into the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor?

The ABANA-Arabia Monitor Monthly Conference Call Series is led by Arabia Monitor’s CEO and Chief Economist Dr. Florence Eid-Oakden, a respected authority on the economy and geopolitics of the MENA region. Dr. Eid-Oakden is joined by a team of analysts to provide insights into emerging issues in and affecting the region. Calls are open to all ABANA members.

*Please note that the title and content of the call are subject to change to reflect and include the most recent events affecting the region.