Speaker Profile

Taha Al-Rubaye

Chief Executive Officer
Iraq Stock Exchange

Taha Ahmed Abdulsalam Al-Rubaye received both his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in economics from Baghdad University. After finishing his studies in 1991, he began working with the Baghdad Stock Exchange and rose to the position of Manager of the Exchange’s Research Department. In 2004, he left his post with the Ministry of Finance to help transition the Baghdad Stock Exchange into the Iraq Stock Exchange (ISX) and he has served as the ISX CEO since then. As CEO, he has overseen the exchange’s most impressive developments, helped to form a board of governors, consulted on both laws and regulatory bodies and spearheaded efforts to accommodate electronic trading on the ISX. This last project successfully transitioned the ISX to an automated trading system in 2009.

In addition to his impressive achievements with the exchange, Mr. Al-Rubaye remains devoted to education, teaching a class in financial institutions at his alma mater Baghdad University and, on top of that, he serves on several boards and commissions including the Union of Arab Securities Companies and the Euro-Asian Exchange Federation. Mr. Al-Rubaye has long been committed to engaging the West and the United States specifically in the activities of the ISX, as demonstrated by his participation in the 2009 Investment and Economic Partnership Conference in New York and DC. He resides in Baghdad with his wife and four children.

Updated February 1, 2012