Speaker Profile

Steven Englander

Director & Head of G10 FX Strategy
Citibank, N.A.

Dr. Steve Englander returned to Citi as Global Head of G10 strategy in April of 2010. Since then he has met with close to 200 investor, corporate and official clients. He publishes frequently in CitiFX Strategy publications and is a frequent consultant to Citi’s internal and external clients on how macroeconomic policy, regulation and asset markets affect FX markets. Citi traders and clients use his unique approach to investor positioning in FX markets. His expertise is on reserves management, capital flows and global imbalances; academics, policymakers and investors frequently quote his research in these areas.

Prior to rejoining Citi, Dr. Englander was Chief Foreign Exchange Strategist for the Americas at Barclays Capital. Previously, he spent eight years with Citibank/Salomon Smith Barney, where he was Global Currency Economist based in London. Citi was ranked #1 in currency economics and long-term strategy every year that he occupied that position.

Before moving to the private sector, he spent four years at the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development as the Principal Economist in the Economic Prospects Division covering preparations for European Monetary Union, among other assignments. His research on monetary union, labor markets and productivity was presented to senior policymakers at meetings of the OECD’s Working Party #1 and #3.

Dr. Englander's career also includes the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, where he was Senior Research Officer and Head of the Domestic Research Department. There, he was responsible for the New York Fed’s US economic research, its economic forecasts and was also the briefing officer to the President of the New York Fed prior to FOMC meetings.

Dr. Englander is frequently invited to discuss currency and economic developments on television and radio. Mr. Englander received his Ph.D. from Yale University and his BA from McGill University.

Profile as of 12/1/2010