Speaker Profile

Milind Singh


Milind Singh is an entrepreneur working on fundamentally disrupting the financial services sector by allowing anyone, anywhere to be a bank and in doing so build a billion banks. Milind started his entrepreneurial journey with rise, a migrant financial services platform to help migrants across the GCC build a better financial future. In his work with migrants, he realized that migrant families cannot get access to financial services. This led to the creation of Xare, a revolutionary platform that enables individuals to create and distribute financial products, effectively bringing the power of financial product creation into the hands of the masses. Since its launch in January 2021, Xare has had more than 2 million cards valued over $350 million issued on their platform across 173 countries. This makes Xare one of the largest & most global card issuing platforms, growing exponentially. Prior to embarking on his entrepreneurial adventures, Milind spent a decade at Booz Company advising some of the largest digital companies globally on their products, strategies & investments. Prior to Booz, he worked at Openwave, the company that invented the mobile internet. Milind holds an MBA from Oxford and a BTech from University of Bombay.