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Layth Al-Tameemi

Layth Al-Tameemi

Iraq Stock Exchange

Layth Hikmat Sulaiman Al-Tameemi received his Bachelor’s degree in Law from Al-Turath University in Baghdad. After graduating, he became familiar with the business climate in Iraq while working for his family’s securities company. As a successful businessman, Mr. Al-Tameemi was recruited by a bank-owned brokerage firm, and rose to the rank of CEO in 2004. As CEO, he played a crucial role in facilitating communication between brokerage firms and the administration of the ISX. As a result of these efforts, he was selected to serve on the ISX board of governors in 2009.  He resigned from the brokerage firm in 2011 to serve as the elected chairman of the ISX.  He continues to utilize his years of experience fostering effective communication between brokers, investors and the ISX administration. He resides in Baghdad with his wife and daughter.

Updated 2/1/2012