Speaker Profile

Eric Meyer

CEO & President
Shariah Funds, Inc.

Eric Meyer is the CEO and President of Shariah Funds Inc., a division of Meyer Capital Partners. Shariah Funds Inc. is an investment management firm dedicated to the creation and management of innovative institutional investment products for Islamic investors.

Shariah Funds Inc. has developed and structured the first Shariah compliant fund of funds comprised of Western long/short equity hedge fund managers. The fund utilizes Shariah compliant risk management tools and software developed with the approval of leading Islamic scholars.

Mr. Meyer is also the Senior Managing Partner of Meyer Duffy Ventures, an investment management firm with a strong track record of historical success in the management of hedge funds and venture funds. Meyer Duffy portfolio companies’ co-investors have included Cisco, Dell, Intel, and Hewlett Packard. From 1995-2000, Mr. Meyer was the Senior Managing Partner of MD Strategic LP, a hedge fund investing in public securities with an average annual return in excess of 33% for which Forbes recognized his success in 1998. Prior to Meyer Duffy, Mr. Meyer was Senior Vice President and Director of Research for Oak Hall Capital Advisors.

Profile as of 9/16/2003