Speaker Profile

Dr. Paul Sullivan

Non-Resident Senior Fellow, Global Energy Center, Atlantic Council

Dr. Paul Sullivan is a Nonresident Senior Fellow with the Atlantic Council’s Global Energy Center, a nonresident senior research associate at the King Faisal Center for Research and Islamic Studies, a Distinguished International Fellow at the National Council on US-Arab Relations, and part of the International Advisory Board of the Windsor Energy Group in the UK. He teaches courses on environmental and energy security at John Hopkins. He has taught classes focusing on global energy, water, food, climate, environmental issues, various strategic aspects of the MENA region, strategic economics, the oceans, and more for the Yale Alumni College. Dr. Sullivan advises a multinational energy company on natural gas, oil, energy security, nuclear power, the environment, the energy transition, regulations and laws, trade, regional energy markets, and investment.

He was a full professor at the National Defense University (USA) for over 22 years, where he ran the Energy Industry Study, taught Industry Analytics, Economics of National Security, The Strategic Leaders Foundation Course, and many electives and regional studies related to the MENA region, the Islamic world, strategic economics, and other timely issues. As part of his NDU duties, he ran energy field studies in the US, Asia, Australia, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, and the EU. He was a primary faculty advisor and mentor for dozens of senior officers from many parts of the world, but mostly from the MENA region, Mongolia, and Southeast Asia while at NDU. Dr. Sullivan also taught at Georgetown, The American University in Cairo, and Yale.

Dr. Sullivan has given presentations on five continents at places as varied as Windsor Castle, Ditchley Park, The American Research Center in Egypt, The Diplomatic Academy of Jordan, The Diplomatic Academy of Malta, The IEEJ in Tokyo, The IAEE, The Defense College of Mongolia, Harvard, The University of Pennsylvania, The Army HQ in Santiago, Chile, The Swedish FAO, The German Council on Foreign Relations, the Embassy of Latvia in London, among many others. His current research interests include the energy-resilience nexus, economic and resource aspects of human security, energy transitions, Asia-US-MENA relations, energy issues in MENA and Asia, the energy-water-food-security nexus, EU-Russian energy relations, energy in the rebuilding of states after conflict, the oceans, the energy- environment nexus over time, and many other topics.

He obtained his BA from Brandeis University, Summa Cum Laude, and Junior Phi Beta Kappa. He has MA, MPhil, and Ph.D. degrees from Yale University. He was part of MIT’s Seminar XXI’s Class of 2006. He obtained a certificate of completion for an ethnoarchaeology field study in Barunga, Australia, run by Flinders University in 2014.

Dr. Sullivan has advised senior leaders on topics of his expertise for decades.